Tax Collection & Tax Litigation

DSRC should be the first one you call when you have a tax dispute with the IRS or the New Jersey Division of Taxation.  We have a long track record of successfully resolving tax disputes and in abating penalties and interest.  If the dispute cannot be settled, then we have the experience in federal and state courts to defend your interests.  We provide the highest level of expertise in q cost effective manner.

A loss of employment, illness or change in financial circumstance can impact your economic wellbeing and ability to pay your taxes.  We have over 25 years experience in dealing with tax authorities in tax collection matters.

Tax Collection

The first thing we advise our clients to do if they receive a tax notice is to call DSRC. We are expert in handling all forms of collection procedures with the IRS and the State of New Jersey.  We will represent you in handling all phases of the negotiations so that you avoid the anxiety of dealing with tax collectors.  DSRC knows how to quickly remove tax levies and wage liens.

In some cases, we will recommend an offer in compromise whereby the tax liability will be settled for a small fraction of the amount owed based on the taxpayer’s ability net worth.  The offer in compromise can be either a lump sum payment or an installment payout over a period not to exceed to 48 months.

Alternatively, we may recommend an installment payment program based on the taxpayer’s ability to pay after taking into account all of the taxpayer’s other financial responsibilities. The installment payment program will stay in effect for the remaining balance of the 10-year statute of limitations the IRS has to collect the tax.  In our experience, we have found that many taxpayers actually fare better with an installment program than they would with an offer in compromise.

In many cases, the penalties and interest actually exceed the original tax liability.  Penalties can be abated for reasonable cause.  Interest can also be abated if the IRS caused inordinate delays in the collection process.  The members of DSRC have a long track record in successfully abating penalties and interest on behalf of their clients.

Tax Litigation

The members of DSRC have expertise in litigating all types of tax cases including income tax, sales tax, estate and gift tax, and withholding tax cases.  Members of DSRC have represented clients in the United States Tax Court, Federal District Court and the New Jersey Tax Court.  Many tax firms conduct tax planning but do not represent their clients in court.   We feel our litigation experience gives us an advantage in negotiating with tax authorities because we will never settle a case because of a fear to litigate.